Embarrassing: Hillary Spox Still Insists She Didn't Tell A Single Email Lie

Posted: Jul 08, 2016 5:06 PM

With the Summer Olympics just around the corner, Hillary Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon just brought home a gold medal in abject hackery. Prodded by CNN's Wolf Blitzer about the many indisputable lies his boss has told for more than a year about what the FBI and State Department Inspector General has characterized as an "extremely careless" improper email scheme that constituted the very "definition of negligence," Fallon flatly denies the established truth. Raise the flag and play the anthem:

For a review of her specific, FBI-refuted lies, click here. Or just watch the beginning of this exchange between Trey Gowdy and James Comey yesterday. The Congressman was getting at an important legal point, but the lighting round-style debunking at the beginning of the clip also serves as a decisive counterpoint to Fallon's shameless nonsense:

Or you could just excise the middle man altogether:

I'd imagine that if Fallon were forced to watch this video, then asked about it, he'd immediately assert with a straight face that it didn't exist. Hillary Clinton and her team embody the opposite of remorse and contrition. They exude and personify unapologetic, unaccountable arrogance. She is ethically unfit to be president.