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Expect to hear this charge -- and its extremely similar counter-charge -- a lot over the next six months or so.  In an interview with CNN, presumptive Democratic nominee slammed her erstwhile friend and freshly-minted general election rival Donald Trump as "divisive and dangerous," arguing that his conduct and comments demonstrate that "he is not qualified to be President of the United States."  That's an escalation from a previous assessment of Trump, in which she declined to take a definitive position on Trump's standing. Watch:


Clinton juxtaposes Trump's war of words with British Prime Minister David Cameron -- which may be of concern to conservatives who've lamented President Obama's strained relationships and high-profile snubs of key US allies -- with his stated willingness to meet with North Korea, one of the world's most heinous despots.  Pretty clean hit.  She also called the billionaire's call (suggestion?) for a temporary halt to all non-citizen Muslims entering the United States a recruiting tool for terrorist groups like ISIS.  Though she may have something of a point on that count, the Left routinely slimes any opposition to their national security policies as 'giving the terrorists exactly what they want,' or whatever.  And perhaps she's forgotten that her husband has been featured in an ISIS recruitment video.  Does that mean the former president should shift his policy stances, or stop stating his opinion?  In any case, I haven't been shy about my opposition to Donald Trump's candidacy, which is rooted in a fundamental belief that he is unfit to be commander in chief.  I've expressed ideological and electoral concerns, too, but those ultimately take a back seat to deep misgivings about character, knowledge and temperament.  That said, is Hillary Rodham Clinton confident that she'd easily win a 'fitness for office' contest?

This woman is under federal criminal investigation for her reckless, intentional email scheme -- the consequences of which compromised US national security.  She was specifically warned how risky this was, yet carried on anyway for her own selfish political reasons.  Then lied about it, repeatedly.  This woman also flat-out lied to the American people about the nature of a devastating terrorist attack that took the lives of four of her subordinates at the State Department, including a sitting ambassador.  She repeated her falsehoods in private to the families of the fallen, then suggested that they were the liars, despite their consistent recollections and contemporaneous evidence.  This woman and her husband ran a lucrative slush fund that failed to disclose hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign donations over several years, and to which foreign and domestic entities with lobbying business before the federal government donated generously, while also enriching her family.  I'll leave you with Trump making reference to rape allegations against Bill Clinton -- a man, I must note, that he invited to attend his wedding, and whom he phoned up for advice prior to making his decision to seek the presidency earlier this year:



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