Video: Hillary Clinton's Gaffe Spree

Posted: Mar 17, 2016 9:05 AM

Via the Washington Free Beacon, please enjoy this mash-up of Hillary Clinton's hapless week of campaign rhetoric, even as she fails upward into prohibitive frontrunner status.  Having a party apparatus circling the wagons from word one, "superdelegates" artificially padding your stats, and a disheveled Socialist as your only opponent has its benefits, it seems.  Namely, you can do all of this and still sweep Super Tuesday:

"I am not a natural politician, in case you haven't noticed."

She managed to upset liberal LBGT allies with comments about Nancy Reagan, foolishly ding Bernie Sanders on healthcare (and not for the first time), alienate a large segment of America's energy industry by promising to boot blue collar workers out of jobs, and horrify conservatives (and likely others) with a Benghazi-free whitewash of her Libya record. Quite a feat. And this compilation doesn't even include one of her worst moments of the last few days, in which she lectured a mother struggling under the financial weight of Obamacare to shop harder for a cheaper plan, or something.  She's also been serially distorting the truth about her national security-compromising email scandal, culminating in a very special lie-filled anniversary one week ago.  On that front, the former federal prosecutor who put away an infamous Israeli spy is predicting that Mrs. Clinton will face charges under the Espionage Act:

The lead prosecutor of Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard predicted on Tuesday that the FBI would recommend Espionage Act charges in its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server. “No honest FBI will ever not [recommend] criminal charges in this case,” former U.S. Attorney Joseph diGenova said during an event hosted by conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch. “There are going to be referrals for a series of criminal charges involving violations of the espionage statutes, the grossly negligent mishandling of classified information, the grossly negligent storage of classified information”...DiGenova, a long-time critic of Clinton, said the FBI might recommend lower level charges, as in the Espionage Act case against former CIA director David Petraeus. Petraeus pleaded guilty last April to a misdemeanor after he allegedly gave personal journals that contained classified information to his girlfriend and biographer. He was sentenced to two years probation and a $100,000 fine. “[The FBI] may not recommend felonies, as a courtesy to a woman who was the first lady for eight years, a senator and the secretary of state,” diGenova said. “They may as a courtesy try to do what they did with General Petraeus, and recommend misdemeanors. But make no mistake, they are going to recommend that she and others be charged with crimes.”

Fox News has quoted sources familiar with the investigation who say Espionage Act violations are, in fact, one avenue that the FBI's ongoing and expanded criminal probe is exploring. Former US Attorney General Michael Mukasey has also called for an indictment based on information that's already publicly available. I'll leave you with this: