Hot New Fashion Trend: The Hillary Clinton Pantsuit T-Shirt

Posted: May 26, 2015 1:16 PM

If you don't own one of these, America, it's time to reconsider your sartorial -- and life -- choices:

In a campaign store unveiled Tuesday, supporters can buy a range of items including "The Everyday Pantsuit Tee." "Bringing a whole new meaning to casual Friday," the item's description reads. "Pantsuit bottoms not included." The former secretary of state is known to frequently poke fun at her reputation for wearing pantsuits.

If the printed-on 'H-arrow' lapel pin strikes you as insufficiently authentic, the real deal is available for purchase -- along with sundry swag, ranging from pint glasses (much drinking will be required to endure the Hillary 2016 slog), to hand-stitched throw pillows (an elegant conversation-starter for the partisan home decorator), and babies' onesies (tragically unavailable in adult sizes for very special supporters).  I can't seem to find this particular item on the website, but perhaps it's only available to foreigners who donate wads of cash to the Clintons' non-charity "slush fund."  God bless Twitter:

Incidentally, it's not remotely unusual for candidates to hawk wares online to raise money and capture emails.  Politicians on both sides of the aisle do it; some examples are just more unusual than others.  I'll leave you with a priceless pull quote from Karen Tumulty's Washington Post story on Hillary's "management style," published over the long weekend.  Perfection:

Nope, nothing paranoid about this, or this, or this!