Flashback: Democrats Argue VA's Success is Proof Obamacare Will Work

Posted: May 23, 2014 10:36 AM

In a number of our VA scandal posts (the number of facilities under investigation has swelled to 26, by the way), we've advanced a perfectly obvious political point: The bureaucratic corruption and abuses now coming to light ought to serve as stark warnings against expanding single-payer healthcare in America. If government apparatchiks can fail our combat veterans this badly -- in a limited-scope, government-run program that virtually all Americans support -- what possible justification is there for foisting this failing model onto the entire country? Care is being rationed and withheld. Backlogs have grown much worse, despite big budget increases. And manipulation and neglect are being deliberately and systematically hidden, with evidence allegedly being destroyed now that the fraudulent practices are being investigated. This is not the future any American should want; nor is this. But in the thick of the Obamacare debate, Democrats and liberals in the media dismissed Republican arguments about the risks of government-administered health programs, arguing that conservative "fear mongering" was contradicted by the glowing success of...the VA. Phil Kerpen has been on an absolute tear, exploiting the internet wayback machine to remind the country of the justifications they entered into evidence circa 2009 and 2010. Sen. Dick Durbin:

The White House. "Safe and sound:"

Obamacare-backing politicians:

Lefty media outlets and columnists:

If the VA was presented as an exoneration of single-payer healthcare in the US back then, what's the new argument? "Isolated cases"? Some liberals will inevitably shift to using Medicare as their prime example -- an argument buttressed by the program's popularity, but ultimately destroyed by math. I'll leave you with this, in case you missed it last night. This is government-run healthcare:

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