Video: Obama Undermines Liberalism While Distancing Himself from Own Failures

Posted: Dec 06, 2013 3:51 PM

A follow-up to Sarah's post about a key snippet from the president's interview with one of his most love-struck, panting media sycophants. This quote is solid gold:

"The challenge, I think, that we have going forward is not so much my personal management style or particular issues around White House organization. It actually has to do with what I referred to earlier which is we had these big agencies, some of which are outdated. Some of which are not designed properly.

Point one: Hey, don't blame me. Point two: So, it turns out that the federal bureaucracy is actually pretty unwieldy and outmoded. The self-serving blame shift bit is classic Obama. Nothing's ever his fault -- hell, he often claims that he rarely even hears about bad news until it's plastered all over the media. But in his rush to stiff-arm the consequences for his own self-created, credibility-sapping mess, he (likely inadvertently) undermines the Left's entire worldview. They believe that big government can do big things well for the little people, and therefore more government is the path to better outcomes. That's the core of their governing philosophy. This acknowledgement by Obama transforms "Yes We Can!" into "well, maybe we can't -- but it's not my fault." Inspiring. I made this observation on Fox earlier today, and was pleasantly surprised that my Democratic counterpart didn't even attempt any predictable lefty spin. Kudos to Julie for shooting straight:

Before you go, be sure to read these two posts about the back-end problems still plaguing and the state exchanges. There's more pain to come -- all of which Barack Obama insists will not reflect one bit on Barack Obama's leadership or management skills. Which, ironically, is the defining flaw of his poor leadership and managerial skills.

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