MSNBC Host: Romney Engaging in 'N*ggerization' of Obama

Posted: Aug 17, 2012 9:16 AM

This is repulsive:

"I didn't call anybody racist," he proclaims, moments after invoking the N-word to describe a Romney campaign "strategy."  Apparently, the word "angry" shall now be added to the roster of banned, seeeeecret racist "code words" that only liberals seem to hear.  If this election remains tight -- and especially if Romney opens up any sort of enduring lead -- we will bear witness to a smear tsunami, the likes of which this country has never seen.  The media will leap all over trivial, played-out, non-stories to damage Romney and protect Obama.  The president's surrogates, including his Number Two, will ratchet up every divisive attack imaginable.  Obama will not object.  He can't; annihilating his opponents through any means necessary is his only hope for re-election.  It is going to be enraging, disspiriting, and very ugly.  I don't want to even attempt to discuss the "substance" -- as it were -- of Toure's comment.  I genuinely feel sorry for him.  He's a young man who has chosen to build his entire life, career and identity around stoking racial grievances and tensions. That is sad.  And sometimes that sadness manifests itself in despicable ways.

UPDATE - In his tough-as-nails interview with, er, Entertainment Tonight, President Obama laughed off criticism that his party and campaign were trying to divide and distract the country.  The RNC has released a new web video that paints a very different picture.  (Warning - The title of this spot is "racist," base on the standards of the individual discussed above):

"No one" would say Democrats have been trying to divide America, Obama insists.  The One hath spoken.  Now pay up, you cancer-giving, chain-wielding, social darwinistic, pollution supporting millionaires and billionaires.