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Rubio: Holder Must Go

Drip, drip, drip...

During a breakfast for reporters organized by The Christian Science Monitor on Thursday, Rubio responded “yes” when asked if he agrees with presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney and the five other U.S. Senators who have called for Holder’s resignation. “I think we’re at the point of no return,” Rubio said.


This comes on the heels of yesterday's extraordinary events, culminating in an initial Contempt of Congress vote by the House Oversight Committee.  Several mainstream media outlets are warming to Issa's cause, pressuring Holder to come clean and release the documents Congress seeks.  The editorial board of the largest paper in a Western swing state:

Fast and Furious was a disaster, and one that must be fully explored. Yes, there has been friction on this count, with Democrats saying the GOP cannot be satisfied, and Republicans saying Holder's offer to brief lawmakers on information in documents the committee wants is inadequate. The GOP is right. Holder ought to disclose the documents. Also, the use of executive privilege is questionable, based on what has been disclosed thus far. The privilege pertains to the president, and the White House is not supposed to have been involved in the operation. Furthermore, though the DOJ says it has given thousands of pages of documents to Congress, there are far more it hasn't provided.  The administration can avoid a full House vote on the contempt charge by turning over the requested documents, and it should. The gamesmanship must end.


Go read John Hinderaker on the frivolous nature of Obama's imposition of executive privilege, then check out Andy McCarthy's contention that the concept shouldn't apply at all in this case.

UPDATE - Video added:

UPDATE II - McCarthy strikes again, building the case that Holder should be out on his ear, based on the standards Democrats constructed for Alberto Gonzales.  (Did Republicans accuse Dems of ousting Gonzalez out of racial animus?  Remember, his "scandal" wasn't even remotely a crime).

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