Video: Elizabeth Warren Runs Away From 'Woman of Color'' Questions

Posted: Jun 12, 2012 12:15 PM

It seems as though Netroots Nation was the place to be this past weekend -- whether you wanted to see a large audience standing to applaud abortion, Paul Krugman declaring Obama's economy a "depression," or 0/32 Native American Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren ducking questions that (in theory) she should be eager to answer.  Yesterday, Dan reported that some real Native Americans are accusing the Left's poseur heroine of ethnic fraud.  Warren, however, continues to publicly profess the pride she feels in her evidence-free "heritage."  In light of this doubling down, conservative Anne Sorock tried to ask Warren if she views herself as an inspiration to fellow women of color.  Since Warren isn't a woman of color, this is a cheeky question -- but because Warren considers herself to be one, it should be an inquiry she's happy to address.  Not so.  Here's Sorock, setting the scene for the two videos below:

I wanted to ask Warren questions about being a Woman of Color. Since she put herself on lists of Minority Law Teachers and Woman of Color in Academia, and identified herself to two employers as Native American, I wanted to see if Warren stood by those designations in light of evidence they are false designations. As I was waiting, a woman noticed me (perhaps based on the Daily Kos posts about me) and brought it to the attention of others. Shortly following this, two security guards were placed between myself and the off-stage area.

Here's what happened next:


Not to be denied, Sorock approached Warren later on.  The candidate quickened her step and high-tailed it up an escalator:


Perhaps Warren was running late for a Pow Wow Chow book-signing at the local Plagiarist Society.  In all seriousness, for an antidote to the Nutroots madness (Warren is a bona fide rock star on the Left), please consider joining Sarah Palin, Katie Pavlich, Hugh Hewitt, Jonah Goldberg, Michelle Malkin, myself, and many others at this weekend's Right Online conference in Las Vegas.