Epic: Small Businesswoman Savages Obama's Economic Leadership

Posted: Aug 08, 2011 9:06 AM

Meet Amilya Antonetti, the spunky CEO of AMA Productions.  She appeared on Fox News over the weekend and uncorked a memorable diatribe against the economic uncertainty caused by what she described as the administration's "lies and manipulation."  She also vented understandable resentment over the president's class warfare rhetoric, pointing out that "the rich" pay most of the nation's (income) taxes.  She suggested that rather than being targeted with political demonization, successful business owners should be mailed thank you notes by the federal government:

In addition to demanding an apology and course correction from the president, Antonetti provocatively asserted that Obama will be primarily remembered not as the nation's first black president, but as the president who presided over its first-ever national credit downgrade.  But Antonetti has it all wrong, top Democrats inform us.  This downgrade is the fault of a grassroots movement that sprung up two years ago, largely as a backlash against policies that have accelerated the debt spiral.  No, the blame for this US downgrade doesn't lie with the politicians who drove us into deep debt, and who refuse to do what it takes to extricate the country from its perilous position -- it lies with the Tea Party.  It seems Ms. Antonetti hasn't gotten that memo.

The Totalitarian American Left
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UPDATE - No worries, Amilya. President Obama is pivoting to jobs, jobs, jobs -- which has been his singular, laser-like focus from day one, or something:

Devastating stuff from HuffPo (!)