Audio: Laura Ingraham Grills Boehner on CR Deal

Posted: Apr 14, 2011 2:00 PM
Ingraham grills him, and the Speaker fires right back -- totally rejecting the explosive $352 Million report that broke yesterday.  A worthwhile exchange:

Meanwhile, Allen West has a few choice words for Boehner & Co:

“My leadership needs to sit down and have a ‘come to Jesus’ with [each other],” he says. “Character and integrity are important things with me. I like people to be upfront with me. Surprises are for birthdays. When you wake up, and all of sudden you look at the National Journal, and they say that it is really only $352 million in cuts, I don’t like that.”

West says the deal has led him to question the leadership’s early spin. “In the military they teach you that the first report is always kind of incorrect,” he says. “You have to go back and do your studying, you have to do your research and let the smoke dissipate.”