Townhall Exclusive Video: The Perverse Effects of Public School Tenure and Seniority Rules

Guy Benson
Posted: Feb 14, 2011 7:24 PM
The Education Action Group continues its push for education reform with a brand new video, which premieres exclusively below.  It is the latest element of a multi-part documentary series exposing the crippling dysfunction that grips far too many of America's public schools.  In the new episode, the documentarians explore the flaws of a two-headed monster: Tenure and seniority, both of which insulate lousy teachers from meaningful sanctions and dismissal.  It also highlights the practice of offering outrageous taxpayer-funded severance payouts to teachers who actually do manage to get fired for gross misconduct.  Perhaps worst of all, it tells the story of a young educator who was named Teacher of the Year at her high school, only to be laid off the next day -- due entirely to her lack of seniority:

For extended coverage of the school choice movement, see my reporting from last month, as well as EAG CEO Kyle Olson's important columns on the issue.  Olson's tireless advocacy has rankled far Left education "activists."  A friend of Bill Ayers even dubbed Olson a "terrorist" simply for filing FOIA requests for public records.  One wonders what he has to hide.