Nice: Senate Budget Deal Excludes Obamacare Funding

Posted: Dec 21, 2010 10:02 AM
Perhaps the most salient reason to celebrate the demise of Senate Democrats' $1.2 Trillion omnibus spending bill last week:

A Senate deal to fund the federal government until early March doesn't include money to enact the health-care overhaul or stepped up regulation of Wall Street, boosting Republican efforts to curb key elements of President Barack Obama's domestic agenda.

Democrats last week sought $1 billion to expand federal agencies to cope with health-care demands as part of a proposed $1.1 trillion spending bill. That measure died after Senate Republicans closed ranks against it under pressure from conservative activists.

The proposed short-term funding measure would kick the larger spending debate into the new year, when Republicans will control the House and have more Senate seats. It would also start the bargaining between congressional Republicans and the White House at a lower funding level than the now-defunct Democratic plan.

Obama administration officials could shift money around within federal agencies to keep health care and Wall Street regulation on track. But Republicans could try to block such moves through legislation.

Bonus: The continuing resolution, which will pass today, is also bereft of funding for the dreadful Dodd-Frank Wall Street "Reform" bill.