BREAKING: Republican Concedes Dodgy CT Governor Election

Posted: Nov 08, 2010 2:23 PM
It's been quite a ride, but the Connecticut Gubernatorial contest has come to an end.  We think.  Now that Republican Tom Foley has conceded to Democrat Dan Malloy, we can only look back wistfully on all the fun twists and turns of the race -- from the wildly premature AP declaration that Malloy had won, to Bridgeport Democrats' handy "discovery" of uncounted ballots.  Alas, these are mere memories now:

After a weekend of scrutinizing allegations of fraud, Foley announced at a press conference in Hartford Monday that he’s formally conceding the race.

“The election on Tuesday although very close was a conclusive victory for Dan Malloy. This result should not be questioned. I hope my supporters would accept my word on this,” Foley said. “This race would not have been affected ... by what I have learned [too place] in Bridgeport.”

In gracious remarks, he even praised the press for treating him fairly.

Foley may have been gracious in possibly-illegitimate defeat, but the state Republican Party isn't willing to make nice just yet:

Based on a preliminary inquiry conducted by its attorneys, the Connecticut Republican Party today requested that federal and state law enforcement officials conduct an investigation into the voting process in Bridgeport.

...The Connecticut Republican Party uncovered evidence that the voting process in Bridgeport was plagued by “significant deficiencies, irregularities and improprieties, most notably in connection with the creation and distribution of ballots; the counting of votes; and the tabulation of election results.”  The letter indicates that these issues “may have led to the disenfranchisement of those qualified to vote in the November 2 election and the violation of the rights of citizens of Connecticut under the state and federal Constitutions.”