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FL Gov: Democrat Alex Sink Cheats During CNN Debate

During a commercial break in last night's Florida Gubernatorial debate, Republican Rick Scott noticed something amiss, then called his opponent out for cheating:

As we reported last week, Democrat Dina Titus also refused to abide by previously agreed-upon debate rules in Nevada's critical 3rd Congressional District race:

“At first, the Titus campaign demanded that neither candidate be allowed to bring anything on stage at the debate. Then they changed their minds and we agreed Joe and Dina could each have a single note card with them,” she explains. “When the debate occurred [last Thursday], Dina walked out carrying an entire three-ring binder.” According to the Las Vegas Sun, Titus referenced her notes throughout the debate, and even appeared to read her entire closing statement from a script. The Titus campaign has dismissed allegations of cheating as “distractions” from a “spirited discussion of the issues.”

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