Awesome: Bill Clinton vs. Jerry Brown Infighting Escalates

Posted: Sep 14, 2010 6:30 AM
Remember that fantastic Meg Whitman ad resurrecting Bill Clinton's 1992 words to again pummel Jerry Brown in 2010?  It apparently touched a nerve with Brown, who promptly bad-mouthed Clinton, who, in turn, reportedly nixed plans to stump for Brown this fall. 

Heckofa job, Brownie

The California Governor's race is fast becoming the Democrats' version of the GOP Delaware primary; just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show as the other side tears itself asunder.

: This is too rich.  A former CNN reporter whose 1992 reporting on Brown's tax record as governor provided the ammo for Clinton to nail him has now issued a mea culpa, asserting that his original reporting was wrong.  This revelation--18 years after boosting Clinton--comes just in time to help a different Democrat embroiled a tough race against a favored Republican candidate.  Hmm. 

So which is it: (1) Attaboys all around for the reporter for finally setting the record straight and admitting his error, or (2) curious political timing?  Brown's campaign is now demanding that Whitman pull the ad, since it's based on a "lie."  (A lie?  From Bill Clinton?)  Whitman so far has refused.