CNN's So-Called Coal Documentary Is All Liberal Talking Points

Posted: Aug 12, 2011 1:22 PM
This so-called report from CNN's Soledad O'Brien comes right out of the liberal talking points playbook. Streams are damaged and dust is in the air etcetera, etcetera.

Hey Soledad, why don't you gear up for next month's 156th episode of "Black In America" and report the story of blacks violently beating whites in Milwaukee at the Wisconsin State Fair? How about reporting the race-based attacks against whites by blacks in Philly? Or how about the consistent theme of blacks committing flash mob robberies throughout the country?

Soledad and the rest of the MSM are simply trying to let all these stories pass until say, a black female stripper reports that she was raped by a white lacrosse team or something juicy like that, but these consistent black on white hate crime stories would really lend some credibility to your black cheerleading segments that you've labeled "Black In America." Give it a politically incorrect try CNN.

HT: Lee Habeeb

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