NPR's Challege: "Point To Specific Stories" Where We're Biased--We've Been Called "Too Conservative"

Greg Hengler
Posted: Mar 07, 2011 2:43 PM
NPR's President and CEO, Vivian Schiller throws down the gauntlet during Monday's National Press Club. She proclaims that NPR has "no particular bias." During the hour-long coverage on C-SPAN2, Mrs. Schiller repeats her evaluation that NPR is a bi-partisan news agency and that their reporting is "ethical". Hmmmm.

Have any of you listened to their coverage of the Middle East--especially when it comes to Israel? Media coverage has never witnessed a more anti-Israel/pro-Palestinian/pro-Hamas worldview than theirs. If the accusation that NPR carries a blatantly left-wing bias is simply a "perception problem"--as Mrs. Schiller declares--then I challenge anyone who does or does not listen to their Middle East coverage to visit their website or local NPR radio dial and listen; afterwards, I dare you to stand with Mrs. Schiller's "NPR's not biased" statement.

NPR and the Left: Thy name is anti-Israel.

HT: Lee Habeeb!