Busted: CNN Features Documentary That Exposes Product Placement While Deceptively Pitching Product

Posted: Jan 24, 2011 5:24 PM
Leftie Indie Documantary maker Morgan Spurlock was on CNN to plug his latest movie premiering at Sundance Film Festival. It is called "The Greatest Movie Ever Sold," and it is all about product placement and the evil corporate marketing machine that is ever at work trying to trick stupid Americans into buying stuff they don't need.
Oddly enough, when the interview ended, what did CNN break to?
A plug for the Sundance Film Festival! Note how Spurlock and CNN's Brooke Anderson are consistently pitching the Film Festival throughout their conversation. Note too that all day long CNN has been running segment after segment on the Sundance Film Festival. Hypocrites?
It turns out Spurlock HATES big corporate marketing efforts, unless of course, those big bad corporations are plugging his stupid movies!

Big HT: Lee Habeeb.