Obama To MoveOn.org (Nov 3): Hopenchange Will Continue For 6 More Years!

Posted: Nov 03, 2010 5:27 PM
My quick 2 cents on the hour-long Obama presser: He finally sensed his tone was not connecting with the press so he dropped it down a couple notches, took longer pauses and deeper breaths, donned that distant/empty gaze of reflection in his eyes, and confessed that he took a "shellacking." Voila! The press bought it and many Americans bought it--again. Academy Award-winning performance if you ask me. A short time will tell. In fact, just a few hours after today's presser, Obama held a conference call with the boys and girls over at MoveOn.org. You tell me, does his tone sound conciliatory? What I hear is the man I knew before his election, and a President who has lived up to my bad expectations. His hopenchange agenda is locked and loaded in his tunnel vision-set sites, and he plans on shooting that target for the next six years! Buyer beware.