The Attack on O'Donnell Continues...

Posted: Sep 25, 2010 1:18 PM
If these mockers can prove that evolution exists in the form of genetic mutation (a monkey mutating into a human)--not natural selection (birds inheriting certain beak shapes due to survival)--I will show you how a fork evolved into a spork and then into a spoon. All you who believe in evolution will have the impossible task of trying to explain how irreducible complexity works. See, most of you don't even know what that means and yet you follow the crowd mocking people like Christine O'Donnell for her faith.

Mr. Maher should just do what he does best: hang out at the Playboy mansion, get high, and live a cynical life mocking those who have no ill will towards him.


UPDATE: From daniel: "if people in this day of god awful media would have done a background check on obama half as much as they do every republican, than we would not have such a screwed up country."