Democrats Pushing Hate-Crimes Bill Today; Administer CPR To Orwell's '1984' UPDATE: Video Added

Posted: Apr 29, 2009 1:36 PM
At the urging of their Dear Leader, the Democrats are passionately arguing the "HateCrimes Bill" (H.R. 1913) on the House floor today. The Hate-Crimes Bill is wrapped around the idea that we dole out more punishment to an individual who commits a crime towards another person belonging to minority-based group than towards a “mainstream member” of society. The Democrat mindset behind this Hate-Crimes Bill can be seen through the lens of power—like many things. For, if money is power, then some will have more power than others. If, however, language and our thoughts wrest power, then anyone can partake of power, and groups and factions who otherwise might have very little to say to one another, now find that they are united in their desire to impose new linguistic and even thought-based norms on society which has traditionally marginalized them. At the risk of sounding fringey, the root of this Hate-Crimes Bill, in essence, is Marxism without the economics. The Democrats will champion the cause, and thus, conceive more votes.

Minority groups have been beaten over the head by the Democrat party that they are victims, that language and thoughts are power and, better still, that it has been “constructed” to serve the hegemony of the white heterosexual male. Minority rights activists now feel that they have the moral authority to impose cultural and linguistic change, that is, “the correct orientation.”

For the “repressed” and their allies, this can be an intoxicating message. Instead of resistance, they have all too often found a willingness on the part of mainstream culture to submit to their linguistic and now thought-based demands. Concessions of any kind earn no good will at all--especially when you are put on trial for a “Hate Crime.” On the contrary, they tend to confirm the radical in his contempt for the society around him, reinforcing his suspicion that society was rotten all along (why else do they make concessions?) and encouraging him to make ever greater demands for institutional and cultural change.

Democrats are leading this charge today. Hopefully they will be stopped. But as long as they have any majority power, they will push politically correct bills based on what we think and not what we do. God judges our thoughts. We judge human behavior.

Here are Congressmen Roy Blunt (R-MO) and Steve King (R-IA) making stellar cases against the bill.

UPDATE: Rep. Louie Gohmert gives one of the best short speeches on the Hate-Crimes Bill today. Here is a sample from the video: "It doesn't take much imagination to say, 'We had to arrest the preacher. It was clear he was the one who planted the seeds in this nuts head.'"