Meghan McCain: 'I Was Raised A Christian, But I Was Raised An Open-Minded Christian."

Posted: Mar 24, 2009 11:51 AM

I didn't know Jesus Christ said there were many ways to be a Christian--Christian meaning "follower of Christ." How Christians live does not define "Christianity." What defines Christianity is what Jesus said and how He lived (see the Bible). I ask those who make choices opposed to Christ's teachings to pretty please with sugar on top--don't label them "Christian." Call them "Meghan's choices" or "Meghan's progressive Republican choices," but don't use Christ's name for your sake.

Another thing: Meghan McCain's pro-life position is admirable but I am afraid she suffers from one of today's most cowardly characteristics: An inability to say anyone is "wrong." We can say we believe that there is a right and a wrong decision for us but we shouldn't dare say what anyone else does is wrong. There is an exception: It is okay to speak when someone does something you consider "right."

Killing babies in the womb is wrong for me but if you need a ride to Planned Parenthood to get an abortion--sure, you can use my car! Need help paying for the procedure?

Finally, use the label "open-minded" to your heart's content but don't throw in "Christian" when voicing your support for homosexual marriage. If you choose to "believe in gay marriage," we who oppose this definition of marriage will be tolerant--no, loving towards you, but don't disguise the modern-day attempt to redefine marriage as anything Jesus Christ endorsed. If you would rather lead as a "maverick" than follow Christ, fine. But for the love of Christ, drop the label when it's inapplicable.

UPDATE: If you would like to know what a Christian looks and sounds like look no further than HERE. This is Clayton, he is my 18 year old Christian brother. He died last week. This is his 7 minute testimony just before he died.

UPDATE: One final note: It has been put on my heart to remind my brothers and sisters in Christ that Jesus would have not just held a "Yes On Prop 8" sign and called it a day. He would have been in West Hollywood and San Francisco's Castro District mixing it up and loving on people who lived a lifestyle He opposed. If Jesus surounded Himself with drunkards, prostitutes and thieves and showed them the love of God we have no excuse to not follow His example.