8 Cartoons That Perfectly Capture America’s Response to the Russian Hacking

Posted: Dec 23, 2016 2:00 PM

Last week, the FBI and CIA concluded that Russia not only hacked various U.S. political organizations and leaked thousands of their emails to the public, but did so in order to influence the election in Donald Trump’s favor.

The president-elect has denied these reports, labeling them “just another excuse”; Hillary is, as Trump predicted, blaming Russia for her loss; and President Obama has threatened Putin with retaliatory action.

Here are 8 cartoons that perfectly capture Americans’ “outrage” over the news.

At least we got the truth. 

by Steve Kelley 12/13/2016

No one to blame but themselves.

by Glenn McCoy 12/15/2016

Hillary’s excuse for this week: Russia.

by Glenn McCoy 12/19/2016

One more thing to add to the post-election meltdown. 

by Gary Varvel 12/18/2016

Oh yeah, this MUST be the reason.

by Chip Bok 12/15/2016

Those Russian nesting dolls…

by Robert Ariail 12/14/2016

He got his “I voted today” sticker!

by Steve Breen 12/13/2016


by Steve Kelley 12/15/2016