Rudy Giuliani: 'De Blasio Is Ruining' New York City with 'Off the Cliff' Plan for Police

Posted: Jun 17, 2020 11:47 AM
Rudy Giuliani: 'De Blasio Is Ruining' New York City with 'Off the Cliff' Plan for Police

Source: AP Photo/Charles Krupa, File

Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani has had just about enough of Bill de Blasio's failed leadership of New York City. Now, after weeks of de Blasio praising protests and issuing hypocritical threats against Jewish communities for breaking into their own playgrounds, Giuliani is calling out the current mayor's plan to reform the NYPD as "off the cliff, left wing, ridiculous ideas."

"[New York City] is being taken over by off the cliff, left wing, ridiculous ideas on law enforcement," Giuliani said, responding to a report that violent crime and homicides have increased dramatically in the month of June. 

Year over year, New York City recorded staggering increases in crime for the month of June. Just at the mid point of the month, there have been 42 homicides, more than double the 18 recorded in 2019 over the same period. Shootings have increased by 45 percent and stabbing incidents are also on the rise. 

Businesses already hobbled by months of mandatory quarantine and shutdowns were forced to board their windows after George Floyd protests erupted into looting and riots throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. Amid the crime spike and continuing unrest in the city, however, Mayor Bill de Blasio has vowed to defund the police department to the tune of more than $1 billion. A plain clothed unit of the NYPD assigned to curb violent crime in the city has already been disbanded in amid protesters' demands to eliminated policing. 

The progressive ideas being floated by de Blasio and other Democratic leaders across the country, Giuliani said, were also being floated before he became mayor.

"That led to a couple years of 2000 plus murders," Giuliani noted of progressive policies on policing prior to his time as mayor. "I got it down, and [Former Mayor Mike Bloomberg], together, the two of us together got it down to less than 300. We got the city to be safest large city in America." What he's seeing from the current mayor, however, was a disaster. 

"De Blasio is ruining [New York] for the citizens of the city," Giuliani said. 

"To talk about defunding or disbanding the police after the seven days of riots that he allowed to happen, after seven days of his telling the police to stand there and watch the riots while people were being beaten up, while businesses were being destroyed, and New York was made a place that looked ridiculous – and now to have an increase in murders is totally, totally insane."

Giuliani led the Big Apple as mayor from 1994-2001. He is credited with having brought the crime rate in NYC down from levels verging on utter ruin to practically non-existent. Giuliani is known for achieving his dramatic reduction in crime over a short period of time by adding thousands of officers on the street level, focusing the NYPD on what is often called "broken windows policing," and relocating businesses like pornography stores to the fringes of the city. 

Giuliani was also lauded as being a strong leader in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York City. Since leaving office in 2001, Giuliani has worked in his initial profession as an attorney and has remained active in Republican politics. He currently represents President Donald Trump as his personal attorney.