Winning the Youth Vote in 2012

Posted: Oct 20, 2011 8:00 AM

The youth vote is the GOP's to lose in 2012. How are the young leaders in the party planning to convince their peers?


From Townhall Magazine's EXCLUSIVE November feature "Winning the Youth Vote":

Now, nearly four years later, the president's approval rating on college campuses is down from some 75 percent to right around 50 percent. And the officers of the CRNC say they're ready to capitalize on college disaffection with Obama to compete for--and win--the youth vote for the Republican presidential nominee in 2012.

"These voters are disillusioned and have a case of buyer's remorse," newly elected CRNC Chairman Alex Schriver said. "We're excited the direction this committee is taking and the efforts we are putting in place to really change the tide on college campuses, and we're confident that we'll be able to really make a measurable impact on the youth vote to help get the youth vote for the Republican nominee next November."

To that end, the CRNC has launched "Operation Red November," a grassroots movement to recruit and mobilize college students to vote and volunteer for Republican candidates in 2011 and 2012, and "Dont Put It On Our Tab," a campaign to tell politicians in Washington, D.C., to stop saddling younger generations with burdensome debt. The latter already has more than 300,000 fans on Facebook.

The committee has also deployed full-time field representatives to key states like New Jersey, Kentucky and Virginia to mobilize support during the off-year. Next year, the CRNC will launch the largest field program in the organization's history. ...

According to Schriver, CRNC initiatives "are literally going to make the difference on Election Day 14 months from now."

Read more of Tina Korbe's report in the November issue of Townhall Magazine, including:

  • -- what organizations need to do to reach the younger voting demographic in 2012
  • -- why the CRNC is confident the GOP will appeal to young voters in the next election
  • -- what the CRNC learned from the 2008 election

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