How Will You Remember 9-11?

Posted: Aug 24, 2011 11:02 AM

You may have noticed the "Flag 9-11" Twibbons gracing the @TownhallMag and @Townhallcom Twitter accounts. The Heritage Foundation is leading a movement to "raise your flag" on 9-11:

"Leading up to September 11, The Heritage Foundation will be hosting a series of events and releasing critical research and analysis designed to educate America on the remaining threat and offer the right policy course to keep us safe.

We will also be asking Americans to join us in a display of unity once again. On Sunday, September 11, 2011, we hope that every neighborhood across the nation is flooded with American flags celebrating the lives of those we lost in New York, Virginia and Pennsylvania and the heroism we witnessed, while also reminding each other that the fight to prevent another attack is not over."

Though Townhall won't be able to raise an actual flag on that day due to our office layout, participating in this movement via Twitter is the least we can do for those who died innocently in 9-11, and for the soldiers who have given their lives for this country.  You can read more about the movement here.