Rubio Reminds Voters that Nothing's Been Won Yet

Posted: Oct 27, 2010 1:00 PM
Marco Rubio took time en route from Pensacola to Panama City Wednesday to take bloggers' questions during a conference call in the final days before the 2010 elections. Rubio said he's concerned that certain conservative circles have already moved on to a champagne celebration based on pre-election speculation. He reminded everyone that nothing has been won yet.

"Elections [aren't] decided by polls -- they're decided by voters," said Rubio, who enjoys a double-digit lead over his two opponents, Charlie Crist and Kendrick Meeks, in their race to be Florida's next U.S. senator.

It's been a one-two punch for the Rubio campaign recently, with a successful debate Tuesday and the release of a final campaign ad that caused conservative blogger Michelle Malkin to tweet, "This gets my vote for best campaign ad of the year."  Rubio said on the call that they hope to air the video on television statewide Sunday and Monday.

Rubio said he wrote a lot of his speech in the ad but that it was a summary of everything his campaign has been saying since it began. 

"We feel confident we've won the message war," Rubio said of his campaign.