Contract For America 2

Posted: Jan 25, 2010 10:47 AM

Sixteen years ago, the Democrats where in much the same shape they are in today…controlling all branches of Government, trying to pass government run healthcare, and taking the country in a radically leftist direction. Sounds much like things today and American’s rejected it because the Republicans were brilliant in putting together the first Contract with America. Many pundits look at elections this way: 40% will vote for the GOP and another 40% will vote for the Democrats – it’s that 20% middle that you’ve got to win in order to come out on top on Election Day. Those independents want substance over style, they want something tangible and that’s exactly what the Contract gave them.

Fast Forward to today and we’re in much the same shape. Unlike in 1994 when the Republicans took back the legislative branch, I don’t see this President becoming pragmatic like the last radical Democrat did in Bill Clinton. With losses in New Jersey, Virginia, and now the bluest of blue Massachusetts; a skilled politician would see there needs to be a change…oh that word…in the direction you’re going.

What could spur this “new direction” is a second Contract for America and former blogger Matt Lewis has come up with a solutions that should be the basis for CFA part two:

- Tackle Healthcare
- Bring the legislature back to the people, get away from the inside the beltway mentality
- Limited Government and Open Transparency
- Energy Independence
- Strong National Defense
- Secure the Borders
- Repeal McCain/Feingold
- Space Exploration
- Renew Individual Savings
- Education Reforms

Ten proposals for the American People…and those 20% who decide elections…to have something tangible to understand a new direction is coming. It can be done and should be done, and perhaps we can limit the damage from an Obama Administration to simply one term.