The Day Hollywood Stood Still

Posted: Apr 13, 2009 4:30 PM

I used to think that Hollywood's opposition to your owning the movies we own was an example of Hollywood standing still (while technology and the future passed them by). 

... Then I saw an ad for the hideous Keanu Reeves movie,
The Day the Earth Stood Still , and noticed that if you pay an extra five, or so, bucks, they will allow you to save your DVD to one computer (this feature only applies to select movies chosen by Hollywood).

It turns out, Hollywood does not object to allowing consumers to backup DVD's -- what they do object to is anybody making money other than them.  ... And if you invent a technology could threaten their monopolistic ability to squeeze every last dollar out of the pockets of consumers -- they will sue you (By the way,
MPAA takes RealDVD to court on April 24 ). 

Of course, this is still an example of Hollywood not getting it.  Imagine if, instead of allowing people to download iTunes, you could only back up a CD if you bought it (and you could only back it up once).  If Hollywood wants to survive, they should do three things:  1).  Quit recycling horrible movies, 2). Quit putting Keanu Reeves in those movies, and 3). Quit trying to stamp out innovations by suing entrepreneurs who challenge your monopoly.