America's Tea Parties

Posted: Feb 27, 2009 4:11 PM

Hundreds of Texans came out to Downtown Dallas to show Congress they want to "Repeal the Pork" as part of today's nationwide Tea party. The point is Americans do not want this wave of socialism hitting our country. No one expected the size of the crowd that came out, with no formal organization or budget, to protest. The word got out through Facebook and Twitter - something the GOP has to embrace. Looking at these pictures, we now have hope we can mobilize on the right too! It was part of the  national Chicago Tea Party.

Erika Harper "Repeal the Pork"

TEAPARTY1.jpg Dallas Tea Party 1 picture by dhornertx

  TEAPARTY3.jpg Dallas Tea Party 3 picture by dhornertx

Kids get into the act of dumping the spendulus into gallons of tea.

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Washington DC can be found here, thanks to Amanda Carpenter covering CPAC


DSCF1805.jpg picture by dhornertx

DSCF1808.jpg picture by dhornertx

DSCF1803.jpg picture by dhornertx


TAMPA1.jpg TampaTeaParty1 picture by dhornertx   TAMPA2.jpg TampaTeaParty2 picture by dhornertx

TAMPA4.jpg TampaTeaParty4 picture by dhornertx   TAMPA3.jpg TampaTeaParty3 picture by dhornertx

H/T Erika Harper (Dallas), Americans For Prosperity Texas/Peggy Venable (Austin), Kirk Miranda (Tampa)