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Hot Air Poll: For Third Month in a Row, Ted Cruz is the Frontrunner

Ted Cruz finished second in Hot Air’s March survey, but three months later he’s en fuego.

For the third month in a row, the junior senator from Texas leads the crop of contenders among Hot Air readers, garnering a whopping 33 percent of the vote.


And while the sample size is markedly smaller than last month’s survey (only about 1800 readers participated, according to Patrick Ishmael) Ted Cruz, it seems, has finally distanced himself from Scott Walker, a candidate heretofore neck-and-neck with him in the site's recurring and monthly survey:

A few interesting tidbits:

A cursory glance at the results show that Rick Perry has siphoned off, if not outright and skillfully stolen, many of Scott Walker’s supporters. For instance, in May Scott Walker and Rick Perry were polling at 34 percent and 3 percent, respectively. (That latter statistic is particularly unimpressive, given that Perry has been on the national stage before, and gained a sizable following before fanning out in 2012). And yet, several weeks later that dynamic has completely shifted. While Ted Cruz still retains around the same level of support, Scott Walker is polling at just 24 percent, and Rick Perry—impressively—has catapulted himself into third place.

Is this an indication that conservatives are giving Perry a second look after his successful campaign launch last week, or will this noticeable, somewhat unexpected bounce in the polls be temporary and short-lived?


Carly Fiorina, meanwhile, is steadily making a name for herself among Hot Air readers. She finished fifth in this month’s survey overall. However, while she is still hovering somewhere in the mid-single digits, many respondents might be coming around, or at the very least, not rejecting outright the idea of supporting her in the primary:

Finally, the poll also found that most respondents do not want to legalize marijuana (34/66), allow Puerto Rico to become a US state (24/76), or formally adopt an “open door policy” permitting other countries to join the Union (28/72). See the full results here.

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