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VIDEOS: The Three Best and Three Worst Super Bowl Commercials

The Super Bowl last night was difficult to comprehend. As one of the few longtime residents of New England now working in the office, I was both pleasantly surprised by the outcome and totally shocked by it.


Nevertheless, in between watching the night’s main event with bated breath, there were, as always, a series of commercials ranging from the heartwarming to the truly uncomfortable and bizarre. The following therefore is my own interpretation (and subjective reading) of the three best and three worst Super Bowl commercials from Sunday night.

Let’s start on a positive note. This one was a huge hit:

As was this one:

This one, however, was my favorite.

Now, the three worst.

I simply did not get this one -- and still don't:

Or this one, which was quite shocking:

This one, of course, I did get. I just wish it was never made:

Admittedly, I left out several really good commercials. This one about ending domestic violence, for example, was incredibly powerful and well-done. But overall these were the commercials I liked (and hated) most. So if you disagree with my selections, feel free to vent your frustrations or take issue with them in the comments section below...


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