Obama: "Eric Has Done a Superb Job"

Posted: Sep 25, 2014 6:00 PM
Obama: "Eric Has Done a Superb Job"

Attorney General Eric Holder has tendered his resignation. Moments ago, however, at a press conference announcing the news publicly, President Obama spoke warmly about his achievements and many years of service.

“[Eric is] one of the longest serving attorney generals in American history,” he said. “So this is bittersweet."

“But with his typical dedication, Eric has agreed to stay on until I nominate his successor,” he continued. “Eric has done a superb job."

Shortly thereafter, Holder himself took the podium.

“I come to this moment with very mixed emotions, proud of what the men and women of the Department of Justice have accomplished,” he said.

He then thanked his colleagues, friends, family members, and his soon-to-be former boss for their love and support.

“I hope I have done honor to the faith you have done me, Mr. President, and the legacy of all those who served before me,” he said to his friend with tears in his eyes and visibly shaken.

“My time in public service now comes to the end,” he continued. “I will leave the Department of Justice, [but] I will never leave the work.”