DNC Spox: Rep. Grimm's Thuggish Outburst Planned By GOP to “Distract From ACA Successes”

Posted: Jan 30, 2014 1:00 PM

Did you catch all that? Of course, Rep. Grimm’s poorly timed and unacceptable bullying of a reporter has rightly been condemned by the Right and Left as behavior unbecoming of a U.S. representative. But according to one DNC spokesman, apparently this lone congressman had ulterior motives; and, in fact, the GOP put him up to it! From Twitchy:

 photo grimm_zps3e7536e5.png

This is beyond crazy. First, the ACA is hardly a success that even Democrats are readily conceding; and second, if anything, Rep. Grimm’s starling outburst only makes Republicans look bad. It helps perpetuate the myth that all Republicans are mean-spirited and bullies. Not true obviously. Plus, if this really was a GOP strategy -- as this guy seems to believe it was -- it would be a terrible one. “Okay, guys, go out and bully every reporter you can find so that the media can’t cover how wonderful Obamacare is.” Can you even imagine someone like Reince Priebus or John Boehner or Mitch McConnell saying something like that? Idiotic.

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