Sebelius: "There Are Some Individuals Who May be Looking at Increases"

Posted: Dec 17, 2013 11:20 AM
Sebelius: "There Are Some Individuals Who May be Looking at Increases"

Perhaps if the administration was upfront with the American public and told the truth -- oh, I don’t know -- four years ago the Affordable Care Act would never have become federal law.

But they didn’t. And so the goal post shifting continues apace (via TWS):

"There are some individuals who may be looking at increases. I think you cannot make a statement based on cost unless you compare what they had to what they're going into."

It’s important to belabor this point again and again: the promise was not that some individuals "may be looking at increases" under the Affordable Care Act, but that every American would see their premium costs go down. In retrospect, perhaps, it’s amazing anyone could swallow this lie. As many have written, how could health insurance costs possibly have gone down when the law sought to insure millions more Americans who previously never had coverage? It makes no logical sense. Never mind all the hidden fees or the exorbitant cost of building the federal and state exchanges, this was a massive new entitlement slammed through in a partisan fashion -- against the public’s will -- that everyone knew would be prohibitively expensive. Faced with reality, the Obama administration is now inadvertently admitting that they were less-than-forthright when selling Obamacare to the public before it became federal law. Surprise.

UPDATE: Here's Nancy Pelosi peddling the lie as recently as 2012 (via Hot Air):

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