Boo Hoo: House Members Forced to Reuse Towels at Gym During Government Shutdown

Posted: Oct 09, 2013 9:30 AM

Cry me a river, guys. Every single one of you is still getting paid! Unlike, say, family members of American GIs killed overseas.

How embarrassing:

House lawmakers are picking up their own towels at their private gym, which has remained open during the government shutdown.

The gym was to have been closed, but the Architect of the Capitol decided to keep the facility open because several House members store personal items inside.

No one is there to check members into the facility in the basement of the Rayburn House Office Building, which is open exclusively to current and former House members.

Members don’t only have to pick up their towels — they have to reuse them for their showers, because there is no more laundering service.

In fairness to them, members of Congress reportedly pay for their own gym memberships, or something. Such martyrs, right?

Members on Tuesday argued the gym isn’t some fancy club, even if it is hard to be a member.

It costs members a $250 annual fee and is similar to a YMCA, said Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.). It contains cardio machines, a weight area, a swimming pool and a basketball court.

“The gym is just a room, there are machines but there are no trainers,” Duncan added.

Democratic Rep. Jim Moran (Va.) noted that he ran on Tuesday morning and had to clean up after himself following his workout.

Don’t you just feel so bad for these guys? I mean, they have to clean up after themselves now that the government’s shut down. How unfair. Forget the hundreds of thousands of government employees furloughed because of the impasse, or the senior citizens kicked off their own private property, or the World War II veterans barred from visiting the open-air DC monument built in their honor. This government shutdown is really inconveniencing the same people who caused it. Small wonder, then, that dog you-know-what is more popular than Congress these days. Makes sense if you ask me.

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