Poll: Hemorrhoids, Hipsters More Popular Than Congress Right Now

Posted: Oct 08, 2013 7:00 PM

Congress’ approval rating is down to 11 percent, according to a Gallup poll released Monday, which is hardly surprising given the shutdown. But Public Policy Polling has found a more interesting way to measure its popularity:

In an effort to get some more perspective on those terrible approval numbers though, we tested Congress head to head with a couple dozen dubious things to see what came out ahead and for the most part the results for Congress aren't too hot. […]

Hemorrhoids, toenail fungus, dog poop, and cockroaches all might be a little bit gross- but they're all more popular than Congress. Hemorrhoids beat out Congress 53/31 with bipartisan support. On the other three there's a partisan split- Republican voters go for Congress while Democrats take the alternative but overall it's a 47/40 victory for dog poop, a 44/41 one for toenail fungus, and a 44/42 trump for cockroaches. [...]

But perhaps the greatest indignity of all indignities...we found in May that Americans absolutely hate hipsters. But give voters a choice? They'll take the hipsters over Congress 42/33. But maybe you knew that, like 2 years ago.

That may be pretty terrible, but there are still a few things Congress is more popular than, including: Miley Cyrus (46/31), twerking (37/33), heroin (53/24), Anthony Weiner (50/23), and Ebola (47/28).


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