Guillory: "Liberalism Has Nearly Destroyed Black America"

Posted: Aug 07, 2013 12:30 PM

You remember Elbert Guillory. Now, however, he will be serving as the honorary chairman of the Free At Last Political Action Committee, which will work to help black conservatives win high national office, among other things:

Some journalists have urged caution when using “plantation” rhetoric when reaching out to potential voters. But generally speaking Guillory’s points are well-taken. It’s simply unacceptable for an entire community to vote almost exclusively for one political party when there are in fact two in this country. Have African-Americans really benefitted so much under Leftist policies and ideas that they’re unwilling to hear new ones? No. Guillory argues that “the values of the Republican Party far better represent the values of the black community.” I don’t doubt that’s true. But Republicans need to do a better job communicating those values -- especially with audiences wholly unfamiliar with them.

Although he was criticized for it, it reflects well on Senator Rand Paul that he was willing and able to go to Howard University last April to speak to a less-than-enthusiastic audience about Republican principles. Why aren’t more pols doing this? Conceding the black vote to Democrats is not only defeatist and cowardly, but a missed opportunity. Of course, some argue that the party should change in order to win elections. But Elbert Guillory doesn’t believe that’s true. And neither do I. What we need is more eloquent, passionate and courageous spokesmen and spokeswomen. Solving that issue, I think, would go a long way.