Hidden Video: Obama Lavishly Praises Reverend Wright Before Delivering Racially Charged Speech

Posted: Oct 02, 2012 9:41 PM

The much-anticipated “Drudge Report” video obtained exclusively by The Daily Caller has finally surfaced. And it’s certainly worth watching in its entirety:

It’s worth noting that before anyone had even seen this clip, “journalists,” the elite media, and the Democratic National Committee were already sneeringly downplaying its significance. (It also goes without saying that if the video-in-question involved, say, Governor Mitt Romney, they’d be singing a different tune). But I digress. As The Daily Caller points out, this video was recorded nearly five years ago -- during the 2008 presidential campaign. So why are we talking about it now? Perhaps because the mainstream media has a tendency to only cover presidential campaigns in a manner that is advantageous to Democrats. In any case, the timing of this clip is also significant. Governor Romney and President Obama will face off tomorrow evening in Denver, Colorado for the first of three scheduled televised debates. Will this stunning and racially charged video have any impact on the questions asked or the direction of the discussion?

I won’t hold my breath.