Is Joe Biden Skipping the RNC Convention?

Posted: Aug 25, 2012 11:00 AM

Well, according to an anonymous Obama campaign official, it’s certainly possible:

Vice President Joe Biden is postponing his planned trip to Tampa, Fla., the site of the Republican National Convention.

An Obama campaign official says Biden is putting off Monday's trip in order to ensure that all local law enforcement and emergency management resources can stay focused on Tropical Storm Isaac, which could impact Florida during the convention.

Biden had planned a two-day swing through Florida during the Republican meetings to counter their message. The official says Biden still plans to continue with stops in Orlando and St. Augustine, Fla., on Tuesday, though those plans could also change based on the weather.

The official wouldn't say whether Biden would reschedule his stop in Tampa, only that the campaign was monitoring the storm. The official requested anonymity in order to speak ahead of the campaign's official announcement.

In the unlikely event that Uncle Joe cancels his trip to Florida entirely due to adverse weather conditions, there’s perhaps only one conservative in America who will lament his absence: Reince Priebus. “Joe Biden is our best surrogate for the Republican Party around this country,” the RNC Chairman said on Hannity Thursday evening. “The more he talks the better off we are.”

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