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Here's Why Conservatives Are Suddenly Peeved at Chick-fil-A

AP Photo/Mike Stewart

I never thought I'd see the day, but conservatives have announced that the home of the original chicken sandwich needs to be cancelled. Chick-fil-A has long been one of conservative Christians' favorite fast food restaurants - not just because of the tasty chicken but because despite backlash the company has clung tightly to its religious beliefs. They are always Closed on Sunday, as Kanye West recently reminded us, because Sunday is the Lord's Day and the company owners are Christian. No one will forget how, despite backlash from liberal activist groups, Chick fil-A CEO Dan Cathy has defended his belief in traditional marriage. 


Cathy's comments sparked organized boycotts, but they backfired as loyal Chick-fil-A customers showed up in droves to show their support.

But, that all changed on Monday when Chick-fil-A decided to cut ties with the Salvation Army. As Chick-fil-A President and Chief Operating Officer Tim Tassopoulos explained it, the company plans to stop donating to organizations that are considered anti-LGBT because they want to "be clear about their message.”

"The new initiative will no longer include donating to organizations like the Salvation Army, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the Paul Anderson Youth Home, Chick-fil-A says, all of which sparked criticism in the past from the LGBT community due to the organizations’ stances on homosexuality," reports

Conservative leaders and pundits regret that the restaurant chain is turning its back on its principles because of pressure from the left.


Others predict the company's decision to cave to the "P.C. police" will backfire.

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