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Rand and Kelley Paul Break Silence on Media Who Tried to Downplay His Neighbor's Assault

AP Photo/Pavel Golovkin

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is "still suffering" two years after his neighbor attacked him in his front yard, he revealed on Fox News on Thursday morning. The senator never saw it coming. He was mowing the lawn while wearing noise cancellation headphones when his assailant, Rene Boucher, ambushed him, broke several of his ribs and punctured his lung. If you listen to the media, however, you'd think it was a fair fight. Several outlets had previously suggested that Paul had engaged his assailant. Paul and his wife Kelley straightened the story out from their home in Bowling Green, Kentucky, where the senator is recovering post-surgery.


Boucher is a violent man, Sen. Paul explained.

“That’s completely ignored,” Paul said. “The media wanted to develop a narrative it was an altercation or a fight." 

Mrs. Paul was fired up about the skewed narrative too. 

"The media is taking his lawyer’s word for it," she exclaimed. 

She also explained how they hadn't spoken to the neighbor in more than a decade and had "no idea" this person harbored any animus toward them.

Despite leaving Sen. Paul with severe injuries that required his recent lung surgery, the attacker spent only 30 days in prison. 

"That’s what we give a shoplifting person," Paul noted. 

He surmised that the judge had "pre-decided" the verdict before they even got to court.

Paul took matters into his own hands, suing Boucher, and winning more than $580,000 in damages and medical expenses.

The senator was equally incensed by the "left-wing mob" on Twitter who cheered the attack and even "wanted him dead." Even Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) retweeted a callous joke about Paul's attack.

"I'm like who are these people?" Paul asked.


Paul's surgery has forced him to cancel most of his August events, as his surgeon advised him not to travel for three weeks. He was eager to get back to work.

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