Moore's Communications Director Has Resigned

Posted: Nov 22, 2017 2:17 PM
Moore's Communications Director Has Resigned

John Rogers has resigned his post as Roy Moore's communications director in the wake of continuing allegations of sexual assault against the Republican Alabama Senate candidate.

Rogers's resignation comes just a day after some of Moore's associates held a press conference to defend the candidate from some of his accusers's claims. They particularly picked apart accuser Leigh Corfman's story. Corfman told NBC's Savannah Guthrie how Moore took advantage of her when she was a teen and he was in his 30s. Moore, Corfman claimed, would bring her to his house and make sexual advances toward her.

Moore claimed he "didn't know the woman" and his associates took it from there. At the presser, Moore's former chief of staff Ben DuPre provided what he said was evidence to disprove several of Corfman's points. For instance, Moore could not have called her in her bedroom as she claimed, because even her mom told the media that she never had a telephone in her room.

Nevertheless, top Republicans like Mitch McConnell want Moore to step aside and others have even said he is "unfit" to serve.

President Trump broke his silence on the matter Tuesday. While he reportedly has told Moore to step aside if the allegations are true, the president reminded reporters that Moore has completely denied any misconduct. Trump will be deciding next week if he's going to campaign for Moore, but one thing he told the press for sure is that he doesn't want a liberal Democrat to take that Alabama seat. Moore's opponent Doug Jones, with his radical pro-abortion agenda, would certainly fit that bill.

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The Alabama special election to fill Attorney General Jeff Sessions's seat is December 12.