Watch Pelosi Battle Meghan McCain Over Fate of Democratic Party

Posted: Oct 20, 2017 3:45 PM

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi did not have a breezy walk on appearance at “The View” Friday with Meghan McCain there to challenge her.

The two were talking party politics, with McCain admitting that the GOP has had its issues and bouts of divisiveness this year. Yet, she wanted to know why it seemed like Pelosi’s party was also out of sorts lately.

“There’s a fracture in your party the same way there’s a fracture in mine,” McCain said to "The View" guest, pointing out that Rep. Tim Ryan from Ohio challenged her leadership position last year.

Pelosi “respectfully” disagreed.

“There is not a fracture in our party, similar to what’s happening in the Republican Party,” she declared. It’s always been a dynamic party. It is not a rubber stamp party. That’s the vitality of it.”

Yes, “one or two people” wanted her to step down, but plenty more wanted her to stay, she suggested.

Pelosi said she was ready to “go home” if Hillary Clinton had won. But she feels a "responsibility" to protect Obamacare and other liberal policies.

The battle of health care has exposed the Republicans’ division in the past few months. Their efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare ended a few votes short, with Sens. Susan Collins (ME), Lisa Murkowski (AK), and Meghan's father John McCain (AZ), voting against it.

Yet, the 2016 presidential election exposed some major rifts in the Democratic Party as well, as Sen. Bernie Sanders gave Hillary Clinton an unexpected run for her money. All across the country, progressive Millennials showed up for his rallies instead of the frontrunner's, who they saw as part of the "establishment." Pelosi was perceived as being part of that Democratic elite, yet once again the party chose to give her the reins.