'A Debate Over Climate Change Can Wait'

Posted: Aug 28, 2017 5:45 PM

You may have heard some environmentalists' unwanted takes on the current devastation unfolding on the Texas coast. Mass evacuations have been ordered as record amounts of rainfall hit the likes of Houston, Dickinson, and other cities. Five deaths have so far been reported. 

As the water continues to fall in Texas, progressives have insisted that it is a result of climate change and lawmakers need to make the acknowledgment. 

One professor at the University of Colorado had a better take on the situation. Sure, he has plenty to say on the subject of climate change, but maybe this isn't the best time to be having that debate.

Pielke Jr. does not follow lock step with climate change activists, so of course he has been deemed a "climate skeptic" by many outlets. He also been the subject of investigation. You can read all about his "unhappy life as a climate heretic" here.

Other liberal activists have been using this natural disaster to cruelly target Republicans and President Trump. University of Tampa sociology professor Ken Storey said on Twitter that the red state voters in Houston deserved the carnage they are now facing. 

Hurricane Harvey may have brought out the worst on social media, but it has also put the best of humanity on display. Search and rescue teams, volunteers and everyday citizens turned heroes have been descending on Texas to help their fellow man.