Watch Crowd Boo New DNC Chair Tom Perez at DNC 'Unity Tour'

Posted: Apr 18, 2017 11:30 AM

New Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez picked up where his profanity-laced tirade left off last month at the DNC’s “Come Together Fight Back” tour in Portland, Maine Monday. Perez again went on a rant against Republicans, slamming their new “sh**ty” budget" and dismissing their health care plan, insisting the GOP "does not give a sh*t about the people they are trying to hurt."

His appearance was doomed from the start, judging by the reaction he got during the introductions.

The leader of the Maine Young Democrats opened the rally by asking the audience who or what brought them out. When she mentioned Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, the crowd applauded and cheered his name. When she mentioned Perez, the room changed.

Clearly, he's not impressing progressives. 

They may have appeared on the same stage, but Perez and Sanders appear to be at odds over the future of the Democratic party. Sanders, for instance, said the DNC should have put more resources into the Kansas special election last week, where Republican Ron Estes defeated his Democratic opponent James Thompson by 6 points. 

The Democrats' apathy in that race proves the Democratic party is “giving up,” Sanders argued. Perez pushed back the following day, insisting they sent plenty of volunteers to Kansas and their ability to come within single digits of the Republican candidate in a beet red district was a “success.”

Despite the underlying factions, the Democratic unity tour is expected to stop in all 50 states.

I'll leave you with this.

(H/T NTK Network)