Kellyanne: Did You Notice Hillary and Obama Attended the Inauguration And Not the March?

Posted: Jan 23, 2017 9:30 AM

Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump's former campaign manager and now White House senior counsel, noticed that two prominent people were absent from the Women's March on Washington on Saturday: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Instead, they were on the inaugural stage applauding and welcoming President Trump. She pointed out the fact during an interview on ABC this weekend.

Despite declaring himself a "feminist" at last year's White House State of Women Summit, Obama decided not to postpone his trip to Palm Beach to march with the protesters. Hillary Clinton, who was heralded by feminists all across the country during the 2016 campaign, was also a no show. All they got from her were a few tweets.

As Conway pointed out to George Stephanopoulos, these political leaders chose to embrace the peaceful transfer of power instead. They weren't throwing temper tantrums (or rocks) to lash out at an election outcome they did not like. They shook hands with the winner and moved on for the good of the country.

Their display of solidarity on Friday is a good example of how Americans should put the partisanship of the campaign behind them and unite behind our new president. If the Obamas and the Clintons - and even some in Hollywood - can do it, so can the rest of America.