Trump Supporters Thank Police While Protesters Throw Rocks at Them

Posted: Jan 20, 2017 4:15 PM
Washington, D.C.- Multiple outlets have covered the protests downtown today as Donald Trump officially became our next president. I don't think their actions are truly understood, however, until they are contrasted with those of the majority of Trump supporters who came to the nation's capital today.

When walking up and down the National Mall and the surrounding areas, I heard several Trump supporters expressing their gratitude toward law enforcement. One gentleman told a few police officers on the mall, "You guys are doing a great job!" Another woman who was trying to head home stopped to thank a police officer on the sidewalk. As for the police themselves, they were extremely kind and helpful all day, especially in answering tourists' questions about directions, schedules, etc. 

Meanwhile, protesters didn't even try to hide their disdain for our men and women in uniform. Besides screaming "No cops!," they blocked security checkpoints, started fires, and destroyed property.

The police were eventually forced to respond.

This was not just an anti-Trump rally. It was a vile display of violence. You can disagree with President Trump's rhetoric and policies, but that does not give you justification to destroy the city. Thankfully, the actual transition of power was a peaceful one, ending with a handshake and a hug between the Trumps and the Obamas.

Maybe one day the protesters will learn something from them and from the Trump supporters they hate so much.

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