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Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi had an interesting take on her party's inability to connect with religious Americans during an interview with "Morning Joe" on Friday. Joe Scarborough wondered why Democrats were not connecting with working class voters and people of faith. These demographics, the host noted, often feels belittled by them. Pelosi regretted the fact and argued that while supposedly religious Republicans "exploit" their faith, the Democrats are the actual ones putting the Bible into action. 


“They pray in church on Sunday, and prey on everyone the rest of the week,” Pelosi said. “And while we’re doing the Lord’s work by ministering to the needs of God’s creation, they are ignoring those needs, which is to dishonor the God who made them.”

She regretted having to sound so divisive on Inauguration Day. 

If only Pelosi and her party's policies matched the rhetoric. The Democratic leadership has continued, for instance, to pursue a pro-abortion agenda at all costs. Last summer, Pelosi even disrupted anti-Zika legislation multiple times to protect taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood.

If that's not wearing their "morals" on their sleeves, I don't know what is.

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